Los cuadernos de Praga

Los cuadernos de Praga / The Prague Notebooks

Novel , 1998

Planeta Argentina

Pages: 315

This work explores a little-known episode in the life of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: his secret stay in Prague before the final battle in Bolivia. With the proven certainty of an exceptional storyteller, this unique novel takes us into the intimate life of that solitary samurai, that secret Guevara and his universe of feelings and doubts, his childhood, his loves and his loyalties. We follow Guevara through the alleyways of Prague. He’s disguised as a bourgeois, in glasses and a grey suit. He lingers in the cafés to write down the reflections and nostalgias of one who senses the nearness of his decisive hour. He pauses before the morning mirror that reflects the image of that sensible wood merchant who prefers comfort to heroism, and obviously life to death. Following a stay in Prague and several trips to Cuba, Posse, an eminent storyteller, reconstructs Guevara’s mysterious journeys to Cuba, those notebooks. He meets with the surviving protagonists and, like a magician, transforms death into destiny and chronological history into human reality.