Primera memoria

Primera memoria / School of the Sun

Novel , 1959


Pages: 224

An approach by the intimist route to the still unassuaged griefs of the Civil War...What happens is that the protected bourgeois world in which it is possible to go on with the pretext of childishness at fourteen is split open by the realities of war, or, rather, the realities of which the war is the expression.

"If I had to mention one of Ana María Matute’s books, it would be the first one I read, that it has been for me one of the most beautiful books written in our language during the XXth century. I mean Primera memoria, that is a novel, but also a book that has unquestionable autobiographical features. It is one of the best written books in our language this century. Besides, I have a memory that I would like to share. I talked about that book with Julio Cortázar and his wife at that time, Aurora Bernárdez, so many times. They workshipped this book and we enthusiastically talked about it. I even remember reading together the beginning, with that really magnificent and exemplary description of an old lady, which is one of the most precise, delicate and beautiful descriptions of a character I can remember in a novel of our time.” Mario Vargas Llosa

"It's an extraordinary and luminous book, easy and neat, deep and radiant, it seems written the day before yesterday." Milena Busquets