La flor azul

La flor azul / The Blue Flower

Books for children and young readers , 2015

Del zorro rojo

The Blue Flower is a poem created by Antonio Skármeta for the book series published by El Zorro Rojo, that gathers texts by great authors such as Cortázar, Neruda, Galeano, Benedetti or Saramago with renowned graphic artists. The Blue flower is a story about the birth, during winter, of a flower that keeps a secret for a little girl. Through subtle dialogues, the characters make a wise reflection about the beauty, the passing of time and memory,where the writing of a poem constitutes the key to recover everything we have lost. Through delicate verbal and graphic images, Skármeta and Cabassa make a universal fable about the cycle of life and their permanence in the world.

Illustrated by Mariona Cabassa.