Deseo de ser punk
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Previously published in: French (Seuil) and Italian (Atmospheri Libri).

Deseo de ser punk / Desire to Be Punk

Novel , 2009


Pages: 192

Something happened to Martina on the 4th of December. Since then, she’s been seeking fury, attitude or anything else to stay true to her code. She’s sixteen and has nowhere to belong, but finds the beginnings of a story in rock & roll while Alice Cooper watches from the rooftops, when punk is a state of mind, and hurting oneself doesn’t mean admitting the people responsible for all this are right. Quite the contrary: it proves there are people who aren’t afraid to lose something in order to live.

“Belén Gopegui returns to fiction with a generational novel, Deseo de ser punk. And she does so by appealing to that evocative magnitude usually found in the best rock lyrics and melodies.” J. Ernesto Ayala-Dip, El País

“Outstanding psychological portrait of an adolescent girl, for which I find no comparison in our fiction of the past few decades.” Ricardo Senabre, El Mundo