Todo nada

Todo nada / All Nothing

Novel , 2009


Already an old man, the renowned gastroenterologist Emilio Nassar had a project: let himself starve to death. As a witness of that hidden agenda, he chose his young granddaughter, Emilia, with whom he shared long coffee talks before dying. Still affected by the loss, and engaged in a turbulent love affair, Emilia is devoted to reconstruct the last months she lived with her grandfather, the last months of that avid reader, incurable megalomaniac, authoritarian father, sickly-sweet grandfather, recalcitrant conservative, cinema buff and old-fashioned gentleman. Free of all solemnity, Emilia recalls the lively and poignant monologues of the man who, despite his suicidal determination, always had a memory, a revelation or a new bias to tell, as one might expect from an intolerant man, who also offered gallantry, tenderness and, on his best moments, the most sensible advice: “We are not here to sleep in anguish: we have come to have a good time”. However, Emilia will realize how complicated it is to apply this principle to her chaotic life. A fact that will cast a shy, sad, but revealing light on the nonsense of our affections.