Dins el darrer blau

Dins el darrer blau / In the Last Blue

Novel , 1994


Pages: 336

During the Spanish Inquisition on the island of Majorca, a small enclave of local Jews –all of whom have been baptized as Christians– determine to escape detention in the Inquisition by escaping to lands of freedom across the Atlantic. But weather frustrates their flight, and eventually thirty-seven of them were captured and condemned to burn at the stake in the Auto-de-Fe. In prose at once lyrical and suspenseful, Riera recreates the lives of Majorcan Jews in the seventeenth century –in a world of inquisitors, aristocrats, merchants, farmers, and soldiers– in a lush mosaic of history and period detail, religion and cultural lore. Already acclaimed around the world, In the Last Blue is at once a beautiful, poetic, riveting, and devastating tale of hope and fear.