Cristina Cerezales Laforet

Cristina Cerezales Laforet

Música blanca

Música blanca / White Music

NovelBiography / Memoirs , 2009


Pages: 288

 A beautiful declaration of love from a daughter to her mother.

Carmen Laforet flips the pages of a photo album, from the back to the front. Her daughter, Cristina Cerezales, travels with her on this intense journey backwards through the corners of her memory. From her privileged status as daughter and expert in her mother’s work, Cristina Cerezales offers the reader first-hand material on Carmen Laforet in which she reveals many details to understand the author's life work in depth. But above all, it is a courageous, free and wise journey through the lights and the shadows of the human condition.

"The best thing about Música blanca is everything that goes beyond the strict biography of Carmen Laforet. That is, what we all care about: the primordial gardens of childhood, the fire of youth, the melancholic bite of time, and the pain and trembling of existence." Rosa Montero, El País

"There is a depth of contemplation among these pages, a need to understand the person who is the object of the story—turned into a silent character full of complexity—and such a tenderness in the gestures, the details, the stares and the silences that it ends up flooding the pages of a very strong sensibility." El Cultural

"A beautiful, simple and moving book, Cristina Cerezales looks at the abyss in which her mother has shipwrecked. And she does it without drama, revealing the day to day of an existence that, despite the brightness of success and social recognition, especially shows the deficiencies that cloud life.” La tormenta en un vaso

"Música blanca draws the reunion between a mother and her daughter through an intimate dialogue. The author’s tribute to ‘Carmen as a mother and Laforet as a writer’." ABC

“My mother was a person in need of absolute privacy. His fame made her suffer tremendously.” Cristina Cerezales