Cristina Cerezales Laforet

Cristina Cerezales Laforet

Ulises y Yacir

Ulises y Yacir / Ulises and Yacir

Novel , 2016


Following Música blanca and El pozo del cielo, Cristina Cerezales Laforet has woven an intimate, inspiring tale in which sensitivity, solidarity and social commitment are the keys to a spiritual understanding of life. 

Ulises is a teenage boy whose parents are always too busy. Dorotea, a family friend who is like his second mother, offers to look after Ulises during the Easter holidays in a seaside village on the coast of Cádiz in southern Spain. Once there, Ulises meets Yacir, a boy his own age who fled Morocco in a dinghy, losing two family members in the process. The encounter between the two boys will change their lives forever. The initial suspicion and mistrust arising from their fears and insecurities will soon give way to a magical friendship in which they share their hopes, dreams and early discoveries.