Los días rotos

Los días rotos

Novel , 2018


Pages: 320

This is the story of seven months in the life of Tomás Sepúlveda, a fifty-five-year-old man who is early retired, married, has two children who live far away and a father that is in a nursing home. A man so normal that he almost looks like a stereotype. But through his notes, written perhaps to fill the many hours that his new life has left available for him, we discover a character that is so intense, lively and lucid that his thoughts bear witness of an entire generation: that of those men who feel too much, but do not usually talk about it.

"The diary form of this novel disguises the kind of  road movie narrative that is in the background. The Broken Days hides a barely enunciated secret. Casamayor tells us about old age, about the effects of neoliberalism, about illness, love as an epiphany, and his concern for children. All without a speck of self-pity. And above all, he talks about the need to settle accounts with oneself. And to forgive yourself, even if it is to deceive the remorse." J. Ernesto Ayala-Dip, El País - Babelia

"Gregorio Casamayor writes very well and has built, in an intelligent and irreproachable way, a solid character that, to our disgrace, is too much like most of us. It has merit that Casamayor hooks the reader with a kind of diary from an anodyne character." Fulgencio Argüelles, El Comercio -Cultura

"A surprising beginning; one of those who hook you instantly. Humor, intelligence, intensity. Casamayor's fourth book has it all." Enrique Bueres, GQ Magazine

"All the characters have their own entity and their grain of sand is indispensable in the story. It is not often to find such strong and well-built characters as those who inhabit The Broken Days." Andrés Barrero, Libros y Literatura

"It requires the abilities that the author has used to make Tomás Sepúlveda's personal journal something substantively interesting in his own daily life." Félix Población, Periodistas

"Casamayor achieves, through the eyes of Tomás Sepúlveda, an aroma of transcendence that is far from the affectation that impacts the silences of our lives; the possibilities to which we do not provide an answer." Zenda Libros