Gustavo Martín Garzo

Gustavo Martín Garzo

Y que se duerma el mar

Y que se duerma el mar / And May the Sea Fall Asleep

Novel , 2012


Gustavo Martín Garzo returns to the scene of one of his most celebrated novels, El lenguaje de las fuentes (The Language of the Fountains, 1994). That book revealed the most intimate side of José, an older man incapable of arousing the desire of his young wife, Maria, who is committed to her mission of giving birth to a divine child. Now Maria is the protagonist of And May the Sea Fall Asleep, with an imagery far removed from religious iconography. She is a flesh-and-blood virgin, with desire in her heart. Without realizing it, she goes from being a child who plays with her slave girls to a woman married to a good man she does not love, facing a maternity full of mysteries.