Mujeres del alma mía

Mujeres del alma mía / The Soul of a Woman

Non-fiction , 2020

Plaza & Janés

Pages: 192

Why is Isabel Allende a feminist? With an irresistible mix of humour, lucidity and wisdom, this essay bears witness to a whole life dedicated to fighting for a fairer, more equal world.

In the 1960s Isabel Allende began to work with a magazine in Chile that was unusual at that time for its feminist content. She was responsible for a column that ridiculed the machismo of homo chilensis and was titled “Civilize your troglodyte”. That period of fruitful reading and writing would help her to articulate a language capable of confronting patriarchal authority – although in fact this rebellious spirit emerged when she was a child, when she realized the enormous advantages the men had over the women in her home. 

In this essay, after a lifetime of feminist struggle through her books, her public statements and the work of her foundation, Isabel Allende reviews her personal experience of sexism with hilarious humour and, with implacable belligerence, the experiences of other women who have been abused by men. Who are the women she admire the most? What is feminism? What are the keys to this struggle? What do women want? What world do we want and what sacrifices does it entail?