Quan arriba la penombra

Quan arriba la penombra / How High the Twilight

Short stories and novellas , 2017

Proa / Destino

Pages: 283

With Cabré’s usual mastery and unmistakable confessional tone, the stories in Quan arriba la penombra flirt with the spirit of the noir novel and the pattern of classic cinema. The scenes of his crimes are inhabited by people who have lost faith and confess to being anguished, empty and resentful. They are all unforgettable characters who live in the strange innocence of maturity with the smile of crime on their faces. In these thirteen stories, we find a good number of objects and symbols that comprise a sort of tapestry of the aesthetics of evil. Men who walk into paintings, paintings that regurgitate men. Vile characters, respectable frauds who live imprisoned in the past by guilt or revenge. Art collectors, sheep thieves, bounty hunters and low-life criminals. Characters condemned t o an outcome in which the only possible backdrop is death. None of them have a place reserved in Paradise. 

"How High the Twilight compiles thirteen masterful stories, which contain the life and death of men without morals, without perspectives other than those provided by a fate that is in no one's side but that likes to play at ruining anonymous lives. And perhaps, when reading this book, we also run the risk of being kidnapped by the hypnotic aspect of Antonello da Messina's painting on the cover. He is the person who looks at us as we read stories of men and women without a future. It's the author's stare." Giovanni Canadè, Temporali Modulations


“Cabré has a great sense of humor, and he knows how to move between the present and the past, between the ordinary and the fantastic. […] This is a book that requires our full attention and that concerns us all.” Gianni Montieri, Doppiozero