Javier González Rodríguez

Javier González Rodríguez

Cinco segundos

Cinco segundos / Five seconds

Novel , 2012

Ed. Evohé

Winter of 185. The Members of the Manterola-Guillemard Royal Expedition venture into a gigantic inactive volcanic crater on Fernando Po Island. They do so in compliance with the bizarre and disturbing "Reserved Instruction Nº. 14", signed by the queen. Autumn of 1622. On his deathbed, Páez, a Jesuit missionary in modern-day Ethiopia, composes a secret letter to the head of the order. In it, he reveals the incredible story of Elá Abá Okiri, a boy kidnapped by the Queen of Sheba's slave traders on a faraway island in the Gulf of Guinea. Summer 1986. Jorge Salvatierra prepares for the lats exam of his degree in Madrid's old Military Casino building. There he meets the colourful Coronel Monistrol, his tutor, and the rest of the strange inhabitants of the old Casino, a ragtag group of men in their seventies with a single dream: to Return to Guinea. Only Jorge, accompanied by Claire, will manage to piece together this enigma, overcome all the difficulties, and discover the secret hidden for centuries in the bowels of an inactive volcano. A thrilling adventure story.