Clara y la penumbra
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  • Bulgarian: Colibri
  • Chinese: Horizon Media
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  • Dutch: Byblos
  • English: UK: Time Warner (Little Brown)
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  • French: Actes Sud, Editions J’ai Lu
  • German: List, Clasennen (Ecom)
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  • Polish: Muza
  • Portuguese: Portugal : Quetzal (Grupo Bertrand)
  • Romanian: Rao
  • Russian: Ast Publishers

Clara y la penumbra / The Art of Murder

Novel , 2001

Random House Mondadori

In 2006, the art world has moved far beyond sheep in formaldehyde and the most avant-garde movement is to use living people as artwork. Undergoing weeks of preparation to become 'canvases', the models are required to stay in their pose for ten to twelve hours a day and, as art pieces, they are also for sale. After being exhibited, the 'canvases' can be bought and taken to the purchaser's home, where they are rented for weeks or months. Many beautiful young men and women long to become a 'canvas' - knowing they are a masterpeice and worth millions seems to make all the sacrifices worthwhile - especially if they can be 'painted' by the celebrated artist Bruno Van Tysch. But there is a darker side to this art movement when it is found that the models/works of art are sometimes used in interactive works - snuff movies, where the 'art' is filmed being tortured and killed. Van Tysch's work is being targeted and the investigators must find the killer before the displays of imitations of Rembrandt's masterpieces - the biggest exhibition of 'hyperdramatic art' yet seen - is put on show.