El cebo
Rights sold:
  • Bulgarian: Colibri
  • French: Actes Sud
  • Greek: Patakis
  • Italian: Mondadori 
  • Polish: Muza
  • Russian: Ast, Azbooka-Atticus

El cebo

Novel , 2010

Plaza & Janés

Madrid. A brutal terrorist attack. A bleak future. The Spectator, the greatest and wildest murderer of all time, is on the loose. The police are searching him. Police methods have changed. The technology does not work. It has to look inside, in the mind, in the wishes of the murderer. For this they use baits, experts in human behaviour, trained to know the affiliates of criminals and manipulate them through masks. Diana Blanco is the best, the most prepared, the only one who can catch The Spectator. When the protagonist discovers that her sister has been kidnapped by the killer, she will start a race against the clock to save her that will lead her to the monster's lair. From this moment a thrilling game of suspicion triggers and will lead the main character to a surprising ending full of action and eroticism.