La cuarta señal

La cuarta señal / The fourth signal

Novel , 2014


Welcome to Organo, the place where you can be someone better

Maria has always been reluctant to connect to Organo, but after numerous unsuccessful job interviews she sees this virtual world as her only chance to find a decent paying job. So, while her little girl sleeps in another room, Maria sits in front of the computer, selects an avatar representing everything she would like to be, and enters Madrid’s virtual world under a new identity, with a hot, sensual new image. 

Organo offers all manner of opportunities, pleasures and desires difficult to obtain in the real world. This explains why most people are hooked on it, but Maria will soon discover that it also entails all kinds of dangers. Not only will her clumsy hands be responsible for saving her own life and that of her daughter, but the future of all mankind.