Mundo extraño

Mundo extraño / Strange World

Short stories and novellas , 2018

Páginas de Espuma

Pages: 192

José Ovejero is back with more short stories, in a tribute to the literature of cruelty.

Premio Setenil to the best short-story book  2018 

Dark family histories, everyday abuse, disturbing encounters and extreme situations. In Mundo extraño, any premise is valid to direct our gaze right where we don’t want to see. In these stories, an imaginative delirium oscillating between love and pain, laughter and aggression, Ovejero shows us the darkness in beauty and the beauty in the dark side of things. How strange the world would be without facades, without pity.

“Ovejero shows a remarkable imagination, a virtue always scarce among our authors.” Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural

“One of the most prominent voices in contemporary Spanish literature.” Juan Ángel Juristo, Cuarto Poder

“Each one of his stories is a slap in the face for the reader, or a pinch, or a wink. In any case, a jolt.” Albert Romá, El Periódico de Cataluña

“Writing that seems to emerge from realism, only to truly ferment in the imagination. In other words, in freedoml.” J. A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia