Nunca pasa nada

Nunca pasa nada / Nothing Ever Happens

Novel , 2007


Pages: 288

Carmela and Nico lead a comfortable life in a nice house in the suburbs with their little girl, Berta, their dog Laika and Olivia, the young Ecuadorian home help. They have all settled into a cosy routine, day following day in a peaceful, middle-class pattern where nothing ever happens. Or does it?

When Olivia arrives one morning to find blood stains at the entrance to the house, footprints in the snow lead her and Nico to a discovery that not only slams home the terrifying fragility of life as it shifts suddenly and unexpectedly, but also the simple fact that appearances can be deceptive. Sometimes, beneath the surface calm, a huge storm is brewing.
Evenly, page by page, the author unflinchingly exposes the true nature of each character, peeling back their masks until by the end we are left with a stark landscape that reveals the tangled web of hidden stories lurking beneath the apparent normality. All it takes is someone with a keen eye—someone like José Ovejero—looking through a random keyhole, to show that behind every door, at every moment . . . something always happens.