El pagès i el seu món

El pagès i el seu món / El payés y su mundo

Non-fiction , 1978

La butxaca - Ed. 62

Pla makes splendid reflections on the peasants of Catalonia by describing in detail their uses and customs, their gastronomic habits, their schedules, their way of thinking, their special philosophy on life and their circumstances, their conditioning to the unpredictable weather, and their social and family relationships within the Catalan countryside.

"I sincerely regret that calling a peasant a peasant, there is no more adequate and more accurate word. If there were one, it would use it, because the writings must be clear and specific. However, since it does not exist, we should accept the facts and get rid of the eloquence of stylists, who, at the time we lived, have had a tendency to make people laugh."