Los hombres mojados no temen la lluvia

Los hombres mojados no temen la lluvia / Drenched Men Have No Fear of Rain

Novel , 2013


XIV Unicaja de Novela Fernando Quiñones Prize

A womanizing lawyer and a hopeless romantic, Liberto Ruano feels equally at home in front of a judge and in Madrid’s murky underworld. Much to his surprise, Ruano finds himself mixed up in the murder of a prostitute, threathened by a compromising DVD with a recording of a bizarre, sordid sex session. The participants are people in high places who are willing to move heaven and earth to avoid the images becoming public. In the course of his investigation, Ruano starts to shed light on the nature of those involved and their ties to the drug trafficking mafia, real estate speculation and money laundering, while finding out that he cannot trust his closest friend or the woman he loves.