El gallo de oro

El gallo de oro / The Golden Cockerel and Other Writings

Novel , 1980

Editorial RM

Pages: 160

The Golden Cockerel is the legendary lost novella from Juan Rulfo, published in Spanish for the first time in 1980.

With the novella are collected several sketches and other writings, most of which speak to Rulfo’s preoccupations, chief among them death. “Death is immutable in space and time,” one reads. “It’s just death, without contradiction, not standing in contrast to absence or to presence.” Even so, the narrator warns, it’s bad form to make others weep when you go underground: “It’s a rebuke that endures and that weighs on those who have died.”

"A masterful storyteller whose dark view of the world isn’t entirely cheerless or without humor and who deserves to be better known." Kirkus Review

“Among contemporary writers in Mexico today [1959], Juan Rulfo is expected to rank among the immortals.”The New York Times Book Review