Los verdes de mayo hasta el mar

Los verdes de mayo hasta el mar / The Greens of May Down to the Sea

Novel , 1976


The second volume of Goytisolo's acclaimed Antagonia tetralogyThe Greens of May Down to the Sea follows Raúl Ferrer Gaminde and his wife as they move from Barcelona to Rosas to begin a new life. Where the first volume of Antagonia occupied itself with the themes of war and political revolution, the second volume closely follows Raúl's development as a writer, his anxieties about the purposes of writing, and his willingness to sacrifice the other aspects of adult life to his creative impulses. Told in short, often dizzyingly complex fragments of thought and memory, the reader is invited into Raul's inner world, into his many fantasies, worries, and resentments, revealing over time his transformation from political radical to inner-directed artist.