La revolución en bicicleta

La revolución en bicicleta / The revolution on a bicicle

Novel , 1980

Ed. Edhasa

Based on a real person and originally published in 1980, La revolución en bicicleta tells the fascinating story of a former Paraguayan army officer, Bartlomé Gaite, who waits in exile for a new insurrection and recalls the frustrated revolution of the year 1947: An endearing and hopeful revolution that the Argentine writer Mempo Giardinelli knew how to turn into a metaphor of all the Latin American revolutions that could have been and were not.

"I appreciate this novel. For me La revolución en bicicleta inaugurates a new genre." Donald Yates, Michigan State University

"Full of rhythm, humor, depth, ease and intensity, Giardinelli's style gives no truce to the reader and reminds us of our Hemingway, Faulkner, Chandler, Miller and Carver." Kent Stone, Drake University

"This is a novel that deserves to be among the best in Latin American fiction." Miguel Donoso Pareja, Diario El Día