Si Beethoven pudiera escucharme

Si Beethoven pudiera escucharme / If Beethoven Could Hear Me

Non-fiction , 2014

Ed. Now Books

"Music is the best travel partner I've could ever dreamt to have. This is a book to learn how to listen, understand and love music, and also to learn universal values like friendship, courage, imagination or the need to be curious all the time. A book in which I share all the things that music has taught me.” Ramon Gener is passionate about music. In fact, there’s only one thing he feels more passionately about: sharing his obsession and helping people appreciate this way of living and feeling. As Gener explains, if we learn to listen, understand, and love music, it can help us comprehend the value of friendship, the need for imagination, and the importance of staying curious and courageous. These are some of the lessons music has taught Gener throughout his life. He shares them in a book full of history, curious anecdotes, biographical sketches, humour, passion, and plenty of music.

“This book is the product of passion, and the author’s purpose is for us to catch it, to make it our own the way he did. An incessant falling in love, attentive to artistic sensibility, but without forgetting the obsessions of the world surrounding us. To recommend this book is to recommend music.” Ramon Guillem, Llevant