Siete casas vacías
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Siete casas vacías / Seven Empty Houses

Short stories and novellas , 2015

Páginas de espuma

Pages: 128

“The stories in Siete casas vacías allow us to glimpse through a perverse lens –that of the narrator or sometimes the reader– the terrors and incongruities hidden behind apparently costumbrist scenes.

Seven dazzling stories honoured with today’s most important prize for books of stories in Spanish: the Ribera del Duero International Short Story Prize. Its release coincided with the publication of Schweblin’s first novel, Distancia de rescate (Fever Dream), which was hailed by critics as one of the great literary events of the year.

"She injects suspense and anguish into everyday scenarios, furnished houses and cars, and makes simple objects such as refrigerators, sugar bowls and ashtrays take on mysterious connotations and shake up families, couples and identities." Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia

"Contains what good stories have, a secret inside, something that is never completely told, and is left to the reader’s discretion." –Javier Goñi, Mercurio

"A true master of the genre." J. A. Masoliver, La Vanguardia

"We read wanting to cover our eyes, but leaving a crack between our fingers through which we recognise clichés that will always be extraordinary when recounted by a writer like Schweblin.Marta Sanz, BabeliaEl País 

Seven Empty Houses, or That Which Never Finds its Place - Pablo Brescia, Latin American Today