La sangre de los libros

La sangre de los libros / The Blood of Books

Non-fiction , 2014


Pages: 224

The history of world literature can be fun and exciting.

A mainstream book about literature.

A delicious journey along the lines of La noche en que Frankenstein leyó el Quijote, covering some of the most curious and controversial enigmas in the history of world literature.

What led Pushkin to fight a duel to the death? Did you know that Virgil wanted to burn all of the verses in the Aeneid before anyone read it? And that Isaac Asimov was terrified of flying, and only did so twice in his life? Did you know that Pessoa had trouble finding a publisher, and that The Divine Comedy almost didn't get published? 

A host of true, documented stories showing the amazing intrahistory of many of the greatest books of all time.