La casa de les papallones

La casa de les papallones / House of Butterflies

Novel , 2014


Pages: 240

The Norma Forester Crime Series

Deputy-Inspector Norma Forester is one of the most able investigators working for the Catalan police in Barcelona, although she comes from rather an unusual family. She is the grand-daughter of an Englishman who fought with the International Brigades and was executed at the end of the Spanish civil war and a Catalan leftist from a wealthy family . Her husband is a forensic pathologist, her daughter lives in a squat and is a member of an antisystem group; her mother is a hippy, and her aunt, a nun in a closed order who has exceptional computer skills. Norma also has a lover she sees only sporadically, and an ex- boyfriend who, as well as being her daughter Violeta's biological father, is her husband's brother and gay.

Like Barcelona, the city in which she was born and lives, Norma's family is a happy mix of different roots and sensibilities. If in Black Storms, the first novel in the series, the investigation of a history professor led her to bring to light one of the many cases of fascist repression, in The Butterfly House Norma will have to solve a crime in a squat that seems to have no immediate motive but a variety of suspects.