New Titles

Novel, DESTINO (New edition: June 2018)

A contemporary classic to rediscover 20 years later. This new edition includes reproductions of the paintings made by the author herself and of some of her manuscripts.

Olvidado rey Gudú is one of the landmarks of Spanish 20th Century. Full of fantasy and fables, Matute narrates the birth and expansion of the Kingdom of Olar, with a plot full of characters, adventures and a...

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Ensayo, ETERNA CADENCIA (Mayo 2018)

Catedrático, crítico, editor de larga trayectoria en Gallimard y ganador del XXXVI Premio Anagrama de Ensayo, Gustavo Guerrero recorre la poesía y la narrativa hispanoamericanas así como la edición en español de las últimas tres décadas, en busca de continuidades y disrupciones entre el ahora y el pasado reciente. Así, escribe un ensayo lúcido y una crónica sutil como partícipe...

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Non-fiction Novel, SALTO DE PÁGINA (Mayo 2018)

A harsh yet fascinating non-fiction novel that is absolutely indispensable

In the early 1960s, a group of German immigrants settled in a village in inland Chile and founded Colonia Dignidad. For decades they presented themselves as an idyllic agricultural commune, until the testimony of certain runaway colonists revealed the horrors experienced within their walls. The...

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Short-stories, DESTINO (April 2018)

This book brings together the stories included in Mi vida al aire libre and Tres pájaros de cuenta and an unpublished story to date, a story written and drawn by the hand of Miguel Delibes himself in his youth.

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Novel, SUDAMERICANA (May 2018)

In October 1973, Argentina is a hotbed of repression, guerrillas and revolutionary splinter groups. Perón threatens to return to power for the third time, and Israel is attacked by Egypt and Syria, sparking the Yom Kippur War. The world seems to be on the brink of disaster as standup comedian José Mifkad returns home one night after performing at a wedding. On his way, he witnesses a...

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Non-fiction (April 2018)

"John Berger and Selçuk Demirel started conceiving and working on this book in 2016. Time as a philosophical concept that changes along the historical and political seasons of thought; the time of memory and mourning; the time of love and hope; the time of the biological body, imprisoned in its implacable rhythms, and that, eternal, of consciousness; the time of resistance and revolt, of...

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Novel, SEIX BARRAL (April 2018)

Built around suicide, which Camus considered the only truly serious philosophical problem, Clara Usón has written a novel based on her own history, full of humour, philosophy, and devastating revelations.

Clara Usón explores Sandra Mozarowski’s turbulent career as an actress in Spanish nude films in the 70s, and draws parallels with her own life. The actress died at the age of 18...

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Short stories, PÁGINAS DE ESPUMA (March 2018)

Rodrigo Blanco’s literature is the response to a cataclysm.

After his foray into the novel with the extraordinary book The NightRodrigo Blanco is back with seven fascinating short stories. This tableau of wonders is inhabited by strange, appealing characters: a taxidermist painter, a blind man lost in the world of Petrarch, a female motorcyclist who rides naked...

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Non-fiction, ALFAGUARA (March 2018)

The intellectual autobiography of Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa.

“From its origins, the liberal doctrine has represented the most advanced forms of democratic culture, and what has most defended us from the inextinguishable ‘call of the tribe’. This book hopes to make a modest contribution to that indispensable task.”

The difference between La llamada de la tribu and other...

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A historical novel about 15th-century Barcelona and the advent of the printing press

In the times when Europe marvelled at the printing press invented by Gutenberg, Catalonia was witnessing a previously unimaginable revolution: peasants were rebelling against the abuses of their feudal lords while the king undermined the Catalan institutions.

Through the adventures of two young men in love with the same woman and...

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