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Novel, DESTINO (February 2019)

Nadal Prize 2019

Who and why is using Lewis Carroll references to commit murders?

Oxford, 1994. The Lewis Carroll Brotherhood has decided to publish the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland author’s private journals. Kristen Hill, a young intern, travels to collect the original diaries and discovers that a page has been mysteriously torn off of one of them. But, with her discovery, she...

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Novela, SIRUELA (Enero 2019)

Premio de Novela Café Gijón 2018

Las abismales
 aborda las diferentes formas del miedo, el amor y el deseo en el Madrid actual a través de David, un profesor amante de los mitos, que hará de hilo conductor. La muerte de su novia será el primero de una serie de extraños acontecimientos que se suceden sin relación aparente en distintos puntos de la ciudad. La situación de caos va haciéndose...

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Novel, LA CAMPANA (November 2018)

1888. Ric-Ric is a poor devil, a ragged anarchist without a pot to piss in, except for his cave deep in the Catalan Pyrenees. In these mountains, crisscrossed by smugglers and criminals, he happens upon a mushroom species unknown to the civilised world: the Fungi, gigantic anthropomorphic mushrooms that Ric-Ric accidentally brings to life. Marvelling at the Fungi’s extraordinary...

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Ensayo, CONSONNI (Noviembre 2018)

Hace más de tres décadas, apareció publicada por primera vez en español Teoría de la vanguardia. Su autor, Peter Burger, enfiló ese libro hacia las dos tareas más importantes que, a su juicio, demandaba entonces el arte: romper la representación y disolver la frontera que lo separaba de la vida. El fracaso en esta doble empresa habría certificado, según Burger, la derrota de la...

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Novel, PLANETA (November 2018)

Planeta Prize 2018

An historical novel based on the life of Julia Domna, one of the most relevant, fascinating, and unknown female characters in the history of Rome.

Wife and mother of emperors, Julia Domna (170-217), of Syrian origin, was an outsider who captivated all of Rome with her intelligence and beauty. In her struggle to protect her family and husband, Governor Septimius...

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Novel, SEIX BARRAL (October 2018)

Madrid, 2110. Bruna Husky, detective and replicant, faces the most transcendental case of her life: to save the man she loves.

Unlike humans, who too often forget their existence is limited, replicants know the exact date their mechanisms will shut down. Bruna Husky’s remaining lifetime is three years, three months, and sixteen days, time too valuable to waste on unimportant...

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Disturbing, intelligent, funny, and perverse. Pure Samanta Schweblin.

After establishing herself as a leading Spanish-language short story writer, Samanta Schweblin surprised everyone with a debut novel meriting rave reviews from international critics. Fever Dream, translated into 25 languages, was a finalist for the Man Booker International Prize in 2017, and the film...

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Novel, SIRUELA (September 2018)

Las amantes boreales is the story of the deep, abysmal friendship between Roxana and Fedora, two young girls from Saint Petersburg’s upper middle class, during the most tumultuous and definitive period of Russia’s October Revolution.

After being expelled from the Imperial School of Dance, Roxana and Fedora enrol at Palastnovo, a boarding school full of double meanings and double...

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Novel, SEIX BARRAL (September 2018)

The first book in the Three Laws of Motion trilogy, which explores the major developments of the second half of the 20th century.

 “New York does not give its inhabitants grandeur, but the energy of heroes.”

In the early 1970s, Rufo Batalla lands a badly paid job at the New York Chamber of Commerce. Rufo is a classical music enthusiast and recent graduate in Germanic Languages...

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Journalistic Work, LITERATURA RANDOM HOUSE (September 2018)

“Journalism is the profession that most closely resembles boxing, with the advantage that the machine always wins, and the disadvantage that we’re not allowed to throw in the towel.”

In his memoirs, Gabriel García Márquez describes how his earliest, deepest vocation was always to become a writer. Working as a journalist was never part of his plan until a...

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