New Titles

Novel, DESTINO, (March 2019)

In a Barcelona governed by corrupt politicians, dishonest developers, and all manner of opportunists and swindlers, Serafí Serratosa receives an unexpected job offer. His friend, Baltasar, who’s now the city’s deputy mayor, offers him a chief of staff position so he can put an end to corruption.

However, it won’t take ten minutes for Serafí to discover that the job is about protecting...

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Essay, DEBOLSILLO (March 2019)

These pages offer a wide sample of the articles, prologues and essays published by Belén Gopegui over the last two decades; also of her talks, conferences and public events. The volume builds a framework of ideas and behaviors in which the poetics of one of the most singular and outstanding voices of contemporary Hispanic narrative has been forged. Poetics that, according to Damián...

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Anthology, BLACKIE BOOKS, (March 2019).

The life and works of an ingenious author who overcame poverty, hunger, war, death and depression during the worst moments of the 20thcentury Spain, with only one weapon to defend himself: laughter. Edited and selected by Jorge de Cascante.

“Solemnity is to blame for all human misfortune. If all people knew how to laugh at themselves, there would be no wars, violence, or...

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Novel, PLAZA & JANÉS, (May 2019)

In August 1939, Pablo Neruda organized the departure of the Winnipeg, the legendary ship that sailed from France to Chile with two thousand Spanish refugees aboard, fleeing the brutal repression of the Franco regime.

Based on that historical event, which Pablo Neruda would remember as “his most beautiful poem,” Isabel Allende tells the gripping tale of a pregnant pianist and a...

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Novel, DUOMO, (May 2019)

John and Geraldine are divorced and have been ignoring each other for years, even though they both live in London and have a daughter together. Their quiet lives are shattered when they get the news that their daughter, who’s been living in Spain for years, has been murdered.

Not knowing a word of Spanish, John and Geraldine fly to a village on the Mediterranean Costa del Sol. While...

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Novel, DESTINO (February 2019) 

Nadal Prize 2019

What secret from Lewis Carroll’s life is unleashing a series of horrible murders?

A young Oxford research fellow working with the Lewis Carroll Society finds an unpublished page in the diaries of the author of Alice in Wonderland, mysteriously torn out and lost since 1863. However, as she prepares to publish her extraordinary discovery, which offers a new...

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Novel, ACANTILADO (January 2019)

This is the story of seven months in the life of Tomás Sepúlveda, a fifty-five-year-old man who is early retired, married, has two children who live far away and a father that is in a nursing home. A man so normal that he almost looks like a stereotype. But through his notes, written perhaps to fill the many hours that his new life has left available for him, we discover a character...

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Ensayo, IPSO (February 2019)

All of his readers and admirers will enjoy this book from Eduardo Mendoza, because they will find, in addition to a fair tribute to Pío Baroja, to whom he was linked after reading his novel El escuadrón del Brigante, a first-person account of Baroja's narrative resources that allowed him "to get out of two obstacles: the realist novels of the nineteenth century and the experimental...

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Essays, PLAZA & JANÉS (January 2019)

Cabré's reflections on reading, writing, music and art gathered in a single volume.

Jaume Cabré conceives literature as a search. Throughout the years, this search has been generating doubts in him, testing him and even setting traps for him. From the knowledge of someone who has been giving answers and solutions to the creative process for decades, Cabré has written three...

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Novel, SIRUELA (January 2019)

2018 Café Gijón Novel Prize

David, a professor and mythology expert, is the voice of this novel where fear is the literary engine. His girlfriend’s death will be the first in a series of strange, apparently unrelated events occurring in different places around Madrid. As the chaotic situation becomes uncontrollable, a feeling of unease takes hold of the city like an apocalyptic...

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