New Titles

Short Stories, PLANETA (July 2019)

When I finished writing the poems for The Lives of Cats I left them asleep in their room, until, in the middle of the night, they woke me up with their meows: the poems asked to become a song! I could not deny such catlike insistence. I played music for them, and ended up singing with them until dawn. I hope you can join their voices to ours.

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Novel, DESTINO (May 2019)

The first novel in a new detective series written by bestselling Spanish author Lorenzo Silva with Noemí Trujillo.

A new heroine faces a case inspired by a real murder that shook Spain.

Homicide detective Manuela Mauri is on leave, overcoming a tragic personal affair that also clouded her professional life. Separated from the father of her children, a great cop but terrible husband, she’s...

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Short Stories, ALFAGUARA (June 2019)

In Los nombres de las cosas que allí habíaJuan Villoro has selected and written a prologue for the best stories by Antonio Skármeta, originally published in five books that influenced an entire generation of writers and brought about a renewal of Latin American prose.

Each of the stories in this book is an extraordinary piece of literature. Love, youth, desire, and freedom,...

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Short stories, ANAGRAMA (May 2019)

Sparks, vignettes, details of everyday life observed without mercy, with humor and a few touches of eroticism and eschatology.

The smile of the Carroll-like Cheshire's cat serves as portico to this book, which contemplates mercilessly—and with a most singular humor—the widespread stupidity of our current world, portrayed in the form of vignettes that scrutinize behaviors,...

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Non fiction, ANAGRAMA (May 2019)

In 1977, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán wrote this concise and insightful dictionary, in which he tackled Franquism as a historical, political, sociological and even aesthetic reality: we now recover it with scathing illustrations by Miguel Brieva that underline the disturbing persistence of the Franquist presence in the present.

Diccionario del franquismo is an essential review that...

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Novel, PLAZA & JANÉS, (May 2019)

In August 1939, Pablo Neruda organized the departure of the Winnipeg, the legendary ship that sailed from France to Chile with two thousand Spanish refugees aboard, fleeing the brutal repression of the Franco regime.

Based on that historical event, which Pablo Neruda would remember as “his most beautiful poem,” Isabel Allende tells the gripping tale of a pregnant pianist and a...

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Illustrated, LIBROS DEL ZORRO ROJO (May 2019)

The value of the twelve odes that make up this Bestiario does not lie in the fabulousness of the animals that it comprises, but in the transversal journey of the work in which the deepest character of the poet unfolds. He shows his love towards America as a whole, that "trembling homeland" where the creatures that, on the one hand, testify to their vital fascination and,...

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Non-Fiction, RECORD (May 2019)

The Portuguese language in a luminous writing, in a book of memories in the line of Livro das horas. A narrative of reflections about life and death, about human relationships, love, passion and belonging in a literary exercise of rare beauty.

Uma furtiva lágrima gathers thoughts, reflections, memories, aphorisms and confessions.

“[…] Literature pure, authentic, honest, born from the...

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Memoir, PEISA (April 2019)

Permiso para retirarme is the literary farewell of Alfredo Bryce Echenique, who announces his retirement from the creative field after more than five decades of delighting his readers and building a lasting literary work.

Composed of five sections, this third volume of the antimemoirs presents us with an uncensored, intimate and reflexive Bryce, who declares his surrendered admiration for...

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Novel, DESTINO (April 2019)

A love story between two wounded souls that takes us into the depths of art and emotions.

Gonzalo, a high school science teacher in a coastal Cantabrian town, falls madly in love with Claudia, the new French literature teacher. Aware that she doesn’t share his feelings, he soon becomes her friend and confidant, as well as the narrator of this story. Gonzalo watches as Claudia begins...

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