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Juan Goytisolo
Autobiografía / Forbidden Territory and Realms of Strife: The Memoirs of Juan Goytisolo

Biography / Memoirs, GALAXIA GUTENBERG (September 2017)
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De lo extravagante a lo esencial

Llàtzer Moix
De lo extravagante a lo esencial

Non-fiction, Àmbit (September 2017)

De lo extravagante a lo esencial reúne una selección de críticas de arquitectura publicadas por Llàtzer Moix en el diario La Vanguardia a lo largo de un decenio. Concretamente, entre los años 2007 y 2016, marcados por una crisis económica que ha sido determinante en el sector de la construcción. En esta etapa se pasó de los proyectos espectaculares de principios del siglo XXI a un repertorio de edificios que responden con recursos limitados a nuevas inquietudes sociales...

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El rostro del tiempo

Imma Turbau
El rostro del tiempo / The Face of Time

Novel, Navona Ediciones (June 2017)

A story of love and atonement on the Costa Brava. 

Costa Brava. Present day.

While walking through the woods, Carlos falls fatefully off a cliff. Badly wounded, he heads for the first house he finds. Carla, the owner, calmly takes him in and dresses his wounds. When he awakes, many hours have passed.

Successful, world-travelling architect Carlos is amazed by Carla as he gets to know her. She’s a painter who owns no phone, television or watch. The conversation between them flows naturally, and after two days they realise they’ve fallen in love. Disconcerted, Carlos decides to return to the hotel where he’s staying, taking with him a book titled The Face of Time.

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Cien años de soledad (Edición ilustrada)

Gabriel García Márquez
Cien años de soledad (Edición ilustrada) / One Hundred Years of Solitude (Illustrated Edition)

Illustrated Book, Literatura Random House (June 2017)

A commemorative edition of a key novel in the history of literature.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of One Hundred Years of Solitude comes an edition containing unpublished illustrations by Chilean artist Luisa Rivera, with a typography created by Gabriel García Márquez’s son, Gonzalo García Barcha.

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En la oscuridad

Antonio Pampliega
En la oscuridad / In the Dark

Biography / Memoirs, Ediciones Península (May 2017)

Ten months kidnapped by Al Qaeda in Syria

In this book, a Spanish journalist tells the first tale of a kidnapping in Syria. Unable to share the anguish of his situation with anyone, Antonio Pampliega spent those months trying to keep his hope alive by writing – and memorising – a diary in which he prays night and day that his colleagues are still alive, and that they will all someday be released.

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Las brumas del miedo

Rafael Ábalos
Las brumas del miedo / The Mists of Fear

Novel, PLAZA & JANÉS (May 2017)

In Leipzig, Germany, the bodies of five naked girls have been found in the middle of the night at the foot of the Battle of Nations monument, under the colossal stone statues known as the Totenwächter, or Guardians of the Dead. Everything points to a ritual murder, the strangest crime veteran State Police Inspector Klaus Bauman has encountered in his career. Meanwhile, Susana Olmos, an Erasmus student from Spain who’s new in town, meets Bruno, a fascinating young professor at the Music Conservatory. Susana is unexpectedly submerged in the most mysterious, unknown circles in Leipzig and Berlin, relating to erotic art and the resurgence of Nazism in Europe.

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Luis Leante

Novel, HARPER COLLINS (February 2017)

The passage of time ends up warping the past: we don’t tell stories as they happened, but as we think they happened.

Following the discovery of a woman’s mummified body in a flat in Collioure, in the south of France, a writer investigates some extraordinary and little-documented events that occurred in Madrid and colonial Guinea in the 1930s and 40s: the night of 14 November 1932, Civil Guard Sergeant a Castilla slit the Guinean Governor’s throat while he visited the island of Annobón, where Castilla had founded a utopian community governed by the principles of the Republic. 


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Des del balcó

Teresa Muñoz
Des del balcó

Novel, ARA LLIBRES (January 2017)

A family saga full of secrets and emotions.

Teresa Muñoz is a new talent on the Catalan literary scene. In this moving and intriguing second novel, she takes us to Barcelona’s post-war Gothic Quarter to weave a family story of crime, secrets, frustrated loves and inconfessable sins in a dark period of injustice and misery.

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Imma Monsó
L'aniversari / The Anniversary

Novel, Columna (December 2016)

L’Aniversari cleverly features two converging stories: A couple is travelling in a car on their way to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They care about each other, but they are in crisis: the man, around fifty years old, methodical and prosaic, has prepared a surprise for her wife, an imaginative, slightly eccentrical woman, bored to be married with a predictable man. They end up in a forest clearing of sentimental significance to them. The surprise turns out to be spooky…  This storyline is disturbing and even sinister…. until the last word. In parallel. in alternate chapters, we follow Guillem and Mateu, two 10-year-old children, who are performing a big adventure in the woods, based on a novel they both know by heart: Moby Dick. A scary line too: one of them disappears...

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