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Lo que la crítica anglosajona dice de 'Pájaros en la boca y otros cuentos' de Samanta Schweblin

Después del éxito de Distancia de rescate (Fever Dream en Estados Unidos y en Reino Unido), donde fue finalista del Man Booker International Prize, la crítica anglosajona ha recibido con los brazos abiertos la publicación de Pájaros en la boca y otros cuentos (Mouthful of Birds and Other Stories) de Samanta Schweblin.

Con traducción de Megan McDowell, lo publica Riverhead en Estados Unidos y Oneworld en Reino Unido.

Samanta Schweblin fue incluida en 2010 por la prestigiosa revista Granta entre los veintidós mejores narradores iberoamericanos de su generación, ha ganado diversos premios por sus relatos y está considerada como una de las más distinguidas cuentistas en español de la actualidad.

La aparición de Pájaros en la boca y otros cuentos en inglés coincide con la reciente publicación en español de Kentukis, su segunda novela, una historia coral, de vidas cruzadas en torno a una nueva e inquietante mascota digital, y que ya ha sido vendida a siete idiomas.

"The Grimm brothers and Franz Kafka pay a visit to Argentina in Samanta Schweblin’s darkly humorous tales of people who have slipped through cracks or fallen down holes into alternate realities." JM Coetzee

"Samanta Schweblin's true ancestor could only be David Lynch; her tales are woven out of dread, doubles and confident loose ends." New York Times

“Surreal, disturbing, and decidedly original.” Library Journal, starred review

“Schweblin once again deploys a heavy dose of nightmare fuel in this frightening, addictive collection…canny, provocative, and profoundly unsettling.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Schweblin builds dense and uncanny worlds, probing the psychology of human relationships and the ways we perceive existence and interpret culture, with dark humor and sharp teeth. An assemblage of both gauzy and substantial stories from an unquestionably imaginative author.” Kirkus Review

“Brilliantly disconcerting tales of the human psyche from the Argentinian author of Fever Dream.” The Observer

“...brings to life vivid worlds of terror and unease... Her particular genius lies in the fact that there’s something inherently savage and ungovernable about her work...” Financial Times

“… intensely imagined uncanny territory in which everyday normality is violently ruptured in ways that infiltrate your subconscious.” The Sunday Telegraph 

“Primal themes are explored in this unsettling collection of short stories from the author of Fever Dream.” The Guardian

“These wild, unsettling absurdist tales cement her status as a penetrating voice in modern fiction.” New Statesman

“Schweblin's imagination seemingly knows no bounds.” Refinery29

“Mouthful of Birds is like a drawer filled with strange, bizarre, and unsettling objects. If you are drawn to the dark and the weird, these are excellent stories to both make you think and keep you up at night.” BOMB Magazine

“Like her previous work and her award-nominated novel Fever DreamMouthful of Birds blurs the line between what is reality, what is fantasy, and what is madness.” Bustle

“…explores the delicate line between real life and fantasy to devastating effect… Mouthful of Birds is a collection that solidifies Schweblin’s place as a unique voice in world literature—a voice that delights as much as it unsettles.” Paste Magazine

 “Schweblin is back with this book of short stories, each more unnerving than the last, and all with the unique ability to leave you with that throbbing, pulsing feeling following an electric shock or a sleepless night or a solid scare or all of the above.” Nylon

"Intense… [has] a visceral effect as Schweblin navigates the extremes of her characters’ actions and thoughts, both healing and destructive.” Booklist

 “Schweblin is gifted at treating the otherworldly with a matter-of-fact attitude, writing about the surreal as if it were unremarkable… her writing, beautifully translated by Megan McDowell, is consistently perfect; (...) Mouthful of Birds is a stunning achievement from a writer whose potential is beginning to seem limitless.” National Public Radio (US)

“This collection of short stories burrows into the mind and sets up camp, like an itch that can't quite be reached…bizarre, disturbing and electrifying.” Shelf Awareness

“The English-language release of Schweblin’s short story collection Mouthful of Birds, beautifully translated by Megan McDowell, takes on the quality of a nightmare.” Electric Literature

“Seemingly disparate influences congeal, most recently, into this spaced-out collection of 20 short stories…plenty of weirdness for everyone to dig into, whether you're drawn to meditative stories about willing away a pregnancy or biting the heads off of live birds." Thrillist

“Samanta Schewblin landed on the map with Fever Dream, her unsettling story set in a lonely hospital, and now she's back with Mouthful of Birds, a short-fiction collection that finds its characters tiptoeing to the edge of reality.” Bustle, 14 Weird Story Collections By Women That Will Haunt You

“Schweblin, on the other hand, is visceral—she is going for the gut…. Schweblin delivers an unadulterated emotional impact—she succeeds, time and time again. And when you finally collect yourself from the emotional bruising, you begin to reflect on what she is really trying to say…. It’s an uplifting ordeal. You want to challenge yourself? Read Samanta Schweblin. But be forewarned: You won’t emerge unscathed.” New York Journal of Books

“This is a new collection of short stories by an author known for her unsettling, eerie prose. The author has also released a novella in English called Fever Dream. Recommended for those who enjoy feeling slightly off-kilter. Also: I am pretty sure this book has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen.” BookRiot

“The author’s flair for intertwining surrealism with delicate emotionality is again on full display in Mouthful of Birds, a collection of short stories that sit somewhere between miniature mysteries and fairy tales. In this slim and superb book, Schweblin takes on the desire to love, to parent, and to care for one’s own body—hardly extraordinary themes—and invests them with a fresh poignancy." Vogue

"These are fictions of indisputable power." Daily Telegraph

"The twists in the plots are like hard handbrake turns, perspectives shift with a screech." The Mancunion