Novela , 1972


Espectador de los principales acontecimientos que agitaron Europa en los años anteriores a la Primera Guerra Mundial, G encarna, según su autor, “al hombre que hace el amor como una forma de destruir mentalmente la sociedad establecida”. Profética en muchos aspectos, la novela es una reflexión sobre la sexualidad masculina en el mundo actual. Esta obra recibió el Premio Booker y se considera una de las mejores novelas anglosajonas de las últimas décadas.

"Fascinating… an extraordinary mixture of historical details and sexual meditation… G. belongs in the tradition of George Eliot, Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence and Normal Mailer."  New York Times

"The most interesting novel in English I have read for many years… It is one of the few serious attemps for our time to do for the novel what Brecht did for drama: to reshape it in the light of twentieth-century experience… A fine, humane and challenging book.”  The New Republic

"Its energy and invention remains alive…  Michael Ondaatje, most notably, seems to have learned an awful lot from this book, both in terms of its fractured narrative techniques and the way the freshy frailty of human characters is so exposed by the technology of the early modern age… Berger also shares Ondaatje’s ability to produce wonderful set pieces." Sam Jordison, The Guardian