Madrid, España, 1987

Javier Ruescas holds a degree in journalism and combines his literary activity with his work as an editor and administrator of various websites. He is a founding member of the digital magazine on literature for young people entitled El Templo de las Mil Puertas, and also participates in the Spanish team of Global Shapers, the biggest network of leaders aged under 30 created by the World Economic Forum. He has participated in numerous symposia, conferences and international roundtables on new technologies, young authors and Spanish literature for young people. He has published various novels, and many of his short stories have been featured in anthologies.

  • “Javier is one of the biggest YA authors in Spain, and an enthusiastic defender of the genre. He really knows how to connect with the hopes, dreams, and fears of the young, or anyone who still remembers what it means to be young and struggling to find one’s place in the world.” Margaret Stohl 
  • “Javier Ruescas is the leading figure in a generation of authors that will break the boundaries of literature for young people” Francesc Miralles
  • “One of the most fashionable names in literature for young people.” Qué Leer
  • “A success among the juvenile audience.” ABC


In Delos death does not exist. It is a model community in the north of the world, where there is no place for suffering, no disease and no pain. The people of Delos are happy. And Oliver too, until his best friend leaves and he decides to go looking for him... without realising that it will be a journey of no return. 

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The definitive map to understanding love. A successor to the fables of Paulo Coelho and Jostein Gaarder.

Olimpia does not understand why her father, who abandoned her and her mother two months previously to embark on a sea voyage without giving any explanation, shows no sign of life even on the day she turns 18...

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Short stories and novellas

Cinco historias sobre el bullying. Javier Ruescas participa con su relato: No estás solo, al lado de los autores Andrea Compton, María Herrejón, Jedet Sánchez y Manu Carbajo.

Todos conocemos historias de bullying. Porque lo hemos visto. Lo hemos sufrido... ... o lo hemos provocado. Estas son solo cinco de ellas. Insultos. Rumores. Amenazas. Golpes. Son reales. Pero se pueden prevenir. Se pueden erradicar. Porque nadie debería sufrir acoso por ser quien es. #YLuegoGanasTú

Books for children and young readers

The definitive map to understanding love. A successor to the fables of Paulo Coelho and Jostein Gaarder, written by the acclaimed authors of Pulsations, who have already conquered the hearts of more than 100,000 readers.

Olimpia does not understand why her father, who abandoned her and her mother two months previously to embark on a sea voyage without giving any explanation, shows no sign of life even on the day she turns 18. She wonders how he could forget about her on such an important day until she discovers a package in the mailbox. When she unwraps it she finds it is an old book, an atlas that apparently belonged to Lord Byron and that contains an enigmatic explanation of the five continents of love.

Driven by the need to cope with her dramatic family situation and encouraged by her best friend, Olimpia accepts the challenge of seeking her ideal love on the five continents to discover to where her heart belongs. On her journey she will not only meet five different types of lovers, but also receive a vital, universal lesson in love.

In Delos death does not exist. It is a model community in the north of the world, where there is no place for suffering, no disease and no pain. The people of Delos are happy. And Oliver too, until his best friend leaves and he decides to go looking for him... without realising that it will be a journey of no return. 

By Javier Ruescas, the author of Prohibido creer en historias de amor (Forbidden to Believe in Love Stories), this is a new, original story, a deep, emotional and captivating reflection on the value of life and the importance of being oneself. A contemporary tale that reminds us of how crucial it is to make the most of every minute of our lives and how dangerous fear can be if we let it dominate us.

Who wouldn't want to participate in a contest that brings out the best in you? Essential promises you that. That, and a million followers who are going to fall in love with your new self.

Julia, Maggie and Liv have managed to enter. But the entertainment is hard and there's something that doesn't quite fit. HOW MUCH do they have to change for the world to approve of them? What does it really mean to be "essential"?

En el décimo aniversario de su publicación, vuelve la trilogía más famosa de Javier Ruescas, «Cuentos de Bereth», reeditada por el autor con inesperados giros.

Duna es una joven inconformista que vive en Bereth, un reino liderado por el valeroso príncipe Adhárel. Mientras él intenta por todos los medios evitar la guerra, su camino se cruzará con el de ella y juntos tratarán de salvaguardar lo que queda de su mundo. Un mundo en el que la poesía es un arma y los dragones sienten. Un lugar en el que las luchas por el poder y la magia de los cuentos se entremezclan en una historia de amor más poderosa que el propio destino.

Cuentos de Bereth es un homenaje a los cuentos de hadas tradicionales y una aventura épica que ha cautivado a miles de lectores desde su publicación original. En el décimo aniversario de su lanzamiento recuperamos este mundo, revisado en profundidad por el autor, en una nueva edición de lujo que emocionará y sorprenderá tanto a los lectores que crecieron con Bereth como a los que se adentren por primera vez en sus páginas.

"I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. My family is wonderful and I love them very much, but sometimes I feel like they don’t know who I am."

At 17, Cali belongs to a very unconventional family. Her parents record their everyday domestic life in videos they post on the Internet. Her siblings have their own channels with millions of followers, and her boyfriend is the country’s most popular YouTuber. Obsessed by popularity, no one in Cali’s life seems interested in the changes she’s experiencing inside, smack in the middle of adolescence. Then she meets Hector, a mysterious street musician who plays the same song on the Metro every day. It’s the only thing he remembers from his childhood. In Hector, Cali unexpectedly finds someone who seems to understand her, as if they’d always known each other. By helping him find his origins, Cali will discover what she herself is made of.



Javier Ruescas, Laura Gallego y Benito Taibo, tres grandes autores de literatura juvenil, reinterpretan la historia de La Bella y la Bestia en tres historias inolvidables. Por una rosa es una antología con un diseño muy cuidado e ilustraciones de Mar Blanco; una auténtica joya.

¿Y si Bella escondiese más secretos que la Bestia? ¿Y si la Bestia fuese en realidad un tren maldito, el convoy de la muerte, el único camino hacia la libertad? ¿Y si las hadas, como las rosas, también tuvieran espinas?

Laura Gallego, Javier Ruescas y Benito Taibo nos brindan tres relatos muy distintos de la historia de amor que nos recuerda que la belleza está en el interior.

Tres autores. Tres cuentos. Un clásico.

Muchas cosas han sucedido desde que Kyle, Lavelle y Gunnir abandonaron el Orfanato del Último Auspicio. Ahora, el acróbata se encuentra encerrado en lo más profundo de La Duna, la prisión de alta seguridad para circenses; el mago está perdido en un peligroso laberinto de espejos y su mejor amiga intenta urdir un plan desde el exterior para rescatarlo, pero no será sencillo. A contrarreloj, los tres deberán buscar la manera de reencontrarse y recuperar los instrumentos de las compañías.

Ray hasn’t been the same since Eden disappeared, and his thirst for vengeance is the only thing keeping him going. From high in the Tower, he watches the Citadel collapse as the rebels struggle to control the infighting and prepare for the army’s counter-attack. Meanwhile, the Bloodworth government puts the final touches on a plan that’s been years in the making, in which Dorian will play an essential role.

The countdown has begun. For some, war will be the end. For others, the beginning.



What if the right person were the wrong distance away? This novel is written 100% in the form of short messages...with some other surprises thrown in!

Remo just crossed paths with Carol at the airport. The good thing? They connected. The bad? Remo is on his way to Los Angeles for a one-year sabbatical, and Carol is travelling to Japan to live with her father. What can happen between two strangers on opposite sides of the world? What can they know about each other from the photos they post on HeartPic, or the entries they write on BlogBits? And why do their hearts seem to stop beating every time they get a message on HeartBits?



In the city of Cadalso, in the Kingdom of Fortune, three youngsters live trapped in a sinister orphanage. Two of them are circus people, who are marginalised and frowned upon in Fortune. Kyle is amazed to find that he’s an Acrobat, while Lavelle knows from the mark under her eye that she’s a Clown, even though she can’t make people laugh. The third, Gunnir, is a human who wishes to become a Wizard. One night, they are sold to a circus as slaves to the evil Farelli. The three friends must push their talents to the limit when they find that more than their freedom is at stake: the very future of the Kingdom of Fortune is depending on them.

Javier Ruescas returns to the fantasy genre with the Fortune Chronicles trilogy, a universe based on a fictitious Victorian era full of magic, colours, shadows and fascinating creatures.

Kyle, Gunnir and Lavelle, have finally found a home and a family with the circus troupe Belforea, but their happiness is short-lived. Rebel circus artists have been studying them in secret, and want them to join their revolution. While Kyle struggles to discover the secrets of his past, Gunnir learns to control his new gift, and Lavelle confronts her fears and her heart’s desires. Only they can foil the traitors’ plans and stop the war brewing in the shadows

Lana,  a  17 -year-old  girl  from  an  upper-class family, longs to enroll in art school unbeknownst to  her  parents,  who  want  a  different  kind  of future for their daughter. One night, during a luxurious party, Lana meets a charming  and attractive  young  man  named Jac. She is instantly attracted to him. However, once she  learns  of  his  reputation  as  a heartbreaker  (little wonder, considering  that his real name is Giovanni Giacomo Casanova), she distrusts her initial attraction. The  next  day, Lanaʼs misgivings are confirmed when she discovers that Jac has won the heart of her best friend, who is now mad in love. To make matters worse, Lanaʼs father hires him as a lifeguard for the club on their property. Convinced that Jac is a fraud, Lana will do everything in her power to unmask him. She will indeed reveal that Jac is not who he pretends to be, but will also discover something unexpected: that he and Lana have much more in common than she could ever have imagined.

Sixteen-year-old Ray longs to leave his town and go away for college, but, one morning, he wakes up to discover his world has ceased to exist. His family, friends, and neighbors are gone and, in this new world, humans are no longer on the top of the food chain. In order to survive, Ray must depend upon a young deserter named Eden. Guided by a mysterious diary, the two begin a dangerous journey where they learn that the answers to some questions are better left buried forever.

With the weight of the truth on their shoulders, Ray, Eden, and their new travelling companion, Dorian, head to the Citadel in search of help. But the place is not the same since Eden left: the rebels’ fight against the government has become bloodier. Power reserves are running out, and people are dying. Fear has become the sentinels’ most powerful weapon. While Eden faces her past and Ray tries to figure out his feelings for her, Dorian gradually discovers the limits of his authentic nature. Together they must untangle the web of secrets, lies, and betrayals that threaten to bury the truth forever, before it’s too late.



The last book in the trilogy that started with Play and Show: Aarón and Leo find their way professionally and meet the loves of their lives

After their American adventure, the Serafin brothers resume their artistic careers in Spain. Aarón is a successful musician besieged by fans and paparazzi, while Leo tries his hand at acting with little success. In the end, life away from Develstar is not as easy as they expected. Ícaro saves the day: their American friend proposes a journey through Europe with all expenses paid and no questions asked. All the brothers have to do is find a travelling companion and think big. 

This marks the beginning of a road trip full of improvised music and conversations, in which secrets and confessions will seal friendships and awaken new and old loves.

Premio Hache de Literatura Juvenil 2015

After having spent several days in a coma, Elia wakes up in the hospital unable to remember anything that happened during the three days before the accident that left her in that state. Her first contact with the reality is limited to text messages exchanged with the mobile phone with friends and family through HeartBits. Eliaʼs life (her secrets, her fears, her feelings, her relationship with her parents and friends) appears naked in the dialogues through HeartBits. Elia has not only to find out what happened during those three days, but also the identity of the unknown admirer who writes her hiding behind a pseudonym.

"A reading that captures your attention thanks to the dynamism of its peculiar format, and enters the territories of suspense and first loves, and also talks about how to take advantage of the second chances life gives us.” Cecilia Frías, El Cultural

Ever since the truth came out, Aarón and Leo's lives haven't been the same. Back in Spain, Leo keeps on auditioning without much success. Meanwhile, his little brother, now alone in New York, is trying to take the reins of a life he doesn't want, that he feels doesn't belong to him. When a new artist, virtuoso violinist Zoe, shows up at the music production company Develstar, Arón regains the enthusiasm he thought he'd lost. But Zoe did not appear by chance: Devestar wants to organise a reality show like no one's seen before, where the audience can get to know the stars intimately. And they're willing to do whatever it takes to get Aarón to participate... 

"One of the best young adult novels published in 2012." Babelia, El País



No one would guess that Leo and Aaron are brothers. Leo, 20, is arrogant and ambitious. Aaron, 18, is shy and reserved. The two are united by a deep frustration. Leo is driven by an irrepressible eagerness for fame and fortune, but has failed in his attempts to succeed in theatre. Aaron watches as a classmate,  with whom he is secretly in love, becomes a movie star after an open audition. Now that sheʼs famous, sheʼs definitely out of his league.

One day, Leo happens to hear some songs that Aaron has secretly composed and recorded in his room. The songs are so good that Leo hatches a plan that could satisfy the longings of both brothers: if Leo popularises Aaronʼs songs, he can achieve money and fame for the two of them, and his brother can meet his secret love as equals.

"With the rhythm of US TV series the author creates a fresh and original plot about the ploys of success.” Francesc Miralles (author of Retrum)

"Play is a fun novel with magnetic characters that will remainin our memories and with certain dialogues that we will want to remember. Do I recommend it? Undoubtedly!"

"With Play, Javier Ruescas has become one of the most important figures of the national YA literature scene thanks to a novel with claw that won't leave anyone indifferent."

El esperado desenlace de la trilogía de Javier Ruescas. La guerra está a punto de desatarse en el Continente. Los reinos del Sur se alían bajo las órdenes del temible Dimitri, quien amenaza con reunir un ejército sin precedentes y cobrarse su ansiada venganza. Adhárel, tal y como las Musas auguraron, ha compuesto la Poesía que podría cambiar el destino de todos. Y mientras tanto, al Norte, la joven Lysell se prepara para descubrir quién es, enfrentarse a su pasado y asumir su papel en un mundo plagado de trampas, peligros y desafíos. La última entrega de Cuentos de Bereth se presenta como un intrincado tapíz de historias, cuentos populares y personajes inolvidables que se entrelazan, ofreciendo el tan esperado desenlace de esta trilogía que se ha ganado el corazón de los lectores.

Los tenebrosos designios de las Musas se manifiestan de norte a sur del Continente, mientras Duna y Adhárel luchan contrarreloj por encontrar a quien pueda acabar con la maldición a tiempo. Pero mientras ellos buscan respuestas, otros los siguen con el objetivo de darles muerte. Y es que hay secretos ocultos en lo más profundo del bosque que jamás deberían ser revelados...
«Javier Ruescas repite la fórmula de entremezclar las esencias de los cuentos clásicos y nos vuelve a ofrecer una novela fresca y dinámica, llena de personajes memorables, con la pizca justa de oscuridad para conseguir una historia más madura que su predecesora.» José Antonio Cotrina, autor de El Ciclo de la Luna Roja

El mundo tal y como lo conocemos ya no existe. Una temible Plaga ha dejado en coma a numerosos adolescentes y la empresa Tempus Fugit se alza como la gran salvadora gracias a sus cabinas de teleporte. En esta situación las vidas de tres jóvenes se cruzarán sin motivo aparente, pero con un destino común. Un muchacho de otra época que sólo desea regresar a su mundo, una joven sin pasado y un ladrón de futuros intentarán comprender quiénes son y cuál es su misión antes de que el amor los arrastre y su tiempo se agote.

Una joven inconformista. Un príncipe valeroso. Dos reinos en guerra. Una maldición olvidada…

Duna Azuladea siempre ha soñado con viajar y conocer todos los secretos del Continente. Un inesperado día, la mandan a trabajar al Palacio Real como doncella y su vida de campesina cambia para siempre. Allí conocerá al valeroso e inalcanzable príncipe Adhárel, por quien se verá atraída, y a su arrogante hermano Dimitri. De ese modo dará comienzo una carrera a contrarreloj para detener la guerra que amenaza al reino de Bereth, enfrentarse a una magia ancestral y olvidada, y averiguar la procedencia del misterioso dragón que ronda el bosque… pero, ¿estará Duna dispuesta a sacrificarlo todo por enfrentarse a su destino?


  • 2015 - Premio Hache de Literatura Juvenil for Pulsaciones
  • 2013 – Selected as one of the 20 members of the Spanish hub of Global Shapers, the biggest network of young leaders aged under 30 created by the World Economic Forum
  • 2010 – Premio Literatura Joven, awarded at the III Feria del Libro de la Sierra Oeste in Madrid