Oviedo, España, 1962

A medical doctor specialising in Neurology, María Gudín has lived in Pontevedra, Zamora, New York, Montreal, Madrid, Zaragoza and Pamplona. She currently lives in Ciudad Real, where she works as a specialist at the General Hospital. She has published several scientific and informative books and articles. In the fiction world, she has written the El Sol del Reino Godo trilogy of historical novels, which have been translated into several languages and had notable success, both in Spain and internationally.



A passionate romance cut short by the English Civil War

Spain, 1639. When Len de Montemayor’s family is killed, she thinks her life is over . Until an aristocratic family rescues her. Len finds a soulmate in their son Piers, and as they grow up together, their friendship becomes a love so intense that it comes with promise: that it will last forever. But with the outbreak of civil war, a dutiful Piers disappears from Len’s life like a ghost. When Len hears that Piers has drowned at sea, she nearly goes mad with grief. But Piers is very much alive, and when he does return, he finds his home a burned shell of its former glory, his family slaughtered, and every trace of Len gone. Thinking that she died in the fire that killed his family, Piers is heartbroken and escapes to the same place that divided them—the sea.Driven apart by fate, Len and Piers discover that the sea that separated them may also be the key to reuniting them.

A stirring adventure of high seas piracy, betrayal and war, Open Sea is above all, an epic novel of true love.



Pursued for a crime he did not commit – the murder in cold blood of his beloved, a young maiden – the nobleman Atanarik is forced to flee the kingdom of Toledo. However, his fight will not be indefinite, as he swears to return for revenge. Atanarik believes that his beloved’s murder is due to a conspiracy backed by King Roderick. During his exile, he travels deep into the immense African desert in search of Berber troops to form an army capable of confronting the Visigoth king. He is accompanied in his odyssey by the maid Alodia, who tries to win a place in the nobleman’s heart. However, there is no room in Atanarik’s heart for anything but revenge.

An epic story of love and political intrigue set during the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century.

Tras un corto y trágico reinado, Liuva decidió esconderse en las montañas cántabras. Al encontrarlo, Swinthila pretende recobrar la carta de su madre, la reina Baddo, y la copa de poder con la que recuperar el trono usurpado a su familia. La codiciada carta revela a los hermanos la historia de los hijos del rey Leovigildo, Hermenegildo y Recaredo, así como el secreto de la copa sagrada.

It is the sixth century, an the northern Iberian Peninsula is a hotbed of wars between Swabians, Goths and Celts. In an isolated village lives "the Druid's daughter", an orphan with no name, taken in as a girl by the Druid Enol. One day a fugitive wounded by an arrow arrives in the village. His name is Aster and he is running from Lubbo, a bloodthirsty and merciless Druid obsessed with finding a grail that will make whoever owns it invincible. When the chalice falls into the hands of "the Druid's daughter", a furiously paced flood of events is set off: kidnappings, battles, struggles for power, betrayals, executions and revelations that the protagonist must overcome in order to fulfill this lofty destiny with which she has been entrusted.


Aporta los más modernos hallazgos de la neurología moderna, a la luz de datos filosóficos y antropológicos. Se estructura en tres partes: una primera parte en la que se describen los presupuestos filosóficos básicos que permiten entender la afectividad. La segunda, científica y anatómica describe las estructuras neurales; la última, es más integradora y práctica.