Barcelona, España, 1967

Following a career as a baritone spanning various years, Ramón Gener began a new stage of his life as a music promoter, offering conferences on the world of classical music and opera. The success of these conferences catapulted him into the world of television. He first appeared on TV3 with the programme Òpera en texans before reaching international audiences with This is Opera, a Spanish-German co-production recorded in English and Spanish that can be viewed in many countries worldwide. His first book, Si Beethoven pudiera escucharme, is a collection of life lessons that he gained thanks to music.


Beethoven’s life and music recounted by the unusual voice of the most recognized and best-liked music populariser in Spain.

Illustrated by Fernando Vicente.

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Beethoven’s life and music recounted by the unusual voice of the most recognized and best-liked music populariser in Spain.

Illustrated by Fernando Vicente.

Who was Beethoven? Why is his music immortal? What kind of life did he have? What were his dreams? What women did he love and why did he never make a commitment to any of them? With his enormous romantic spirit, how did he come to terms with the great revolutions and the profound transformations that took place in the world he had to live in?

Rather than set out to write a definitive biography of Beethoven, Ramon Gener, the most internationally known Spanish music populariser, takes a most enjoyable, informal and at the same time thorough approach to the life and work of this eternal universal genius. Since he was born two hundred and fifty years ago, there has been no other musician like him and his legacy is still performed in auditoriums around the world. And not only this, it has also served as the soundtrack to major historical events, such as the Tiananmen Square protests, and is a living part of our popular culture, from the Simpsons to the unforgettable Schroeder in Peanuts, the little music genius who adored Beethoven more than any other composer and played him sublimely on his toy piano.

A book where music is very present, that speaks to us above all of emotions and feelings: the love of life.

Ramon Gener is one of the great musical educators of our time, who has triumphed on television with his programme 'This is Opera'. On 22 December 2013, Ramon Gener lost his father after a long illness. Las Moiras, personifications of fate, guide Gener on a musical journey that reveals itself to be a true catharsis until the cycle is closed in a circular fashion. Time and space allow us to visit the great names in music and literature, who help the author bear the pain of loss with music alongside the protagonist. The author takes us to see Giuseppe Verdi in the process of omposing Nabucco. We visit Maria Callas, and watch as Clara Schumann bids her final farewell to Johannes Brahms. We encounter Joaquín Rodrigo in his room in the Latin Quarter on one of the most difficult nights of his life, which led him to compose Concierto de Aranjuez.

"El amor te hará inmortal is a book full of anecdotes of musicians but, above all, of emotions and feelings that have been triggered by death. It is the desire to escape from a hole that sooner or later and on several occasions, will swallow us all." Libros y Literatura

"Music is the best travel partner I've could ever dreamt to have. This is a book to learn how to listen, understand and love music, and also to learn universal values like friendship, courage, imagination or the need to be curious all the time. A book in which I share all the things that music has taught me.” Ramon Gener is passionate about music. In fact, there’s only one thing he feels more passionately about: sharing his obsession and helping people appreciate this way of living and feeling. As Gener explains, if we learn to listen, understand, and love music, it can help us comprehend the value of friendship, the need for imagination, and the importance of staying curious and courageous. These are some of the lessons music has taught Gener throughout his life. He shares them in a book full of history, curious anecdotes, biographical sketches, humour, passion, and plenty of music.

“This book is the product of passion, and the author’s purpose is for us to catch it, to make it our own the way he did. An incessant falling in love, attentive to artistic sensibility, but without forgetting the obsessions of the world surrounding us. To recommend this book is to recommend music.” Ramon Guillem, Llevant