Valentina Blanco Gallego

Valentina Blanco Gallego

Medina del Campo, España, 1965

Valentina Blanco Gallego gained a degree in Italian studies from the University of Salamanca. She lived in Italy for some years, where she worked as a Spanish teacher and translator. Her love of literature led her to attend various writing workshops in Madrid. She currently teaches Italian at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Elche, Alicante. Some of her short stories have been brought together in the book Botarates.



Leticia Martínez is fifteen years old and has always had good grades at school. Until she bumps into Latin and gets the first bad marks. Her best friend, Luismi, tells her that he is turning his bike into a time machine. With his help, Leticia manages to take an "intensive course" in Latin in classical Rome. Gladia, an elegant patrician lady, welcomes her as an au pair for her two children. For a few days, Leticia discovers how the ancient Romans had fun, going to the circus races and popular country parties.