Una llum tímida

Una llum tímida / A Timid Light

Novel , 2024


Pages: 432

A beautiful story of impossible love. Two women united forever in the wrong epoch.

Drawing on her own highly successful theatre play, which was based on a true story that shocked public opinion at the time, África Alonso has now rewritten it as a novel.

At the height of the Franco dictatorship, in a small Valencian town, two teachers, Isabel and Carmen, fall in love and begin a furtive affair, at a time when lesbianism was considered immoral and criminal and therefore almost unthinkable. Isabel is mature and brave, she has cut ties with her family and accepts herself just as she is. Carmen, on the other hand, is fragile and dependent.

When Carmen’s family finds out about this forbidden love, they intern her in a clinic to cure what they consider to be a deviation. Carmen will be a victim of inhuman abuse that will tragically mark the fate of a relationship doomed by its very nature, condemned by the family and society in a country stained by moral corruption.

“In the midst of the need to strengthen the rights and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community, works such as A Timid Light remind society of why we should never forget history and much less go back.”—Cinemagavía

“A tribute to the historical memory of lesbian women.”—El Nacional

“A powerful, heartfelt, and brave work that gives visibility to a part of the LGTBIQ+ community.”—En Platea

“Ensuring the official narrative is fair and not always told by the victors. Creating culture is this: questioning the prevailing system.”—Directa.cat