Pregària a Prosèrpina

Pregària a Prosèrpina / Prayer to Proserpina

Novel , 2023

La Campana

Pages: 520

An irresistible combination of historical novel and uchronia, a fast-paced adventure that grips the reader until the very last page.

The young Quintus Tullius Cicero, son of the great orator and eminent Roman senator, is upset when his father sends him off to Africa on a very peculiar mission. Apparently news has arrived of the sighting of a manticore, a mythological being whose arrival, according to the legends, is linked to the fall of an empire.

He is accompanied on the journey by Servus, a slave possessing the common sense that his master lacks, and a seasoned warrior to boot. But what they find within the confines of the empire defies human logic and threatens to be far more terrifying than mere mythological invention.

The Rome of the triumvirate, led by the most brilliant military mind of all time, Julius Caesar, will have to face the greatest enemy that has ever stood up to any human army.

“The new novel by the author who is fastly advancing towards the pedestal of the most widely read Catalan writers of all time.” El Periódico

 “A reflection on how far a man or a people can go to avoid the end of the world. Set in the 1st century BC, Sánchez Piñol's new book portrays an entire alternative universe that aims to provide a reflection on the morals and politics of society.” Ara Llibres