Amaya García & Alberto Mínguez

Amaya García & Alberto Mínguez

Encélado (Doce soles, vol. 1)

Encélado (Doce soles, vol. 1) / Enceladus (Twelve Alone I)

Books for children and young readers , 2022


Pages: 344

When the space shuttle Sila V takes off for the far reaches of the solar system, it does so with the wrong crew: twelve children. The boys and girls, selected by WASA (the NASA of the future) to promote the Lunae 2 mission, come from twelve different countries and have very different social backgrounds. Faced with the impossibility of turning back, they will have to live, during the two years of the journey, in a framework of isolation and multiple difficulties, such as the demands of hard training, the low gravity or the unknowns regarding their unexpected take-off.