El polizón del Ulises

El polizón del Ulises / The Ulysses Stowaway

Books for children and young readers , 1964


Jujú spends his days in the attic, that has turned into his boat, The Ulysses with Miss Florentina (a dove) and his faithful foreman (a puppy) that accompany him in all his adventures. Jujú’s days are quite boring. He’s been raised by three spinster aunts, that found him in a wicker basket outside their front door. But one day, his life is shaken when a stowaway enters in his attic-boat. At first, he is scared, but with the intimate conviction that he must assist the stowaway, Jujú helps him. He brings him food and heals his wound. Little by little, they become friends and start planning an adventure.