Luciérnagas / Fireflies

Novel , 1955


Fireflies, although set in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, could readily take place in a bellicose situation anywhere in the world. It contains an expose of the chasm between generations, between rich and poor, between materialism and idealism. This novel has a socioeconomic/psychological relevance that leaves the reader pondering the consequences of war and the nugatory effects of imposing status quo values on adolescents who are in search of their own truth, their raison d'etre. The story centers on the lives of two adolescents from opposite levels of society whose redemption lies in their short-lived mutual love, which ends tragically.

" outstanding modern writer who deserves to be better known outside of the Spanish-speaking world." Phoebe Ann Porter, Ph.D., Literary translator, and Lecturer, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts