Olvidado Rey Gudú

Olvidado Rey Gudú / Forgotten King Gudú

Novel , 1996


Pages: 668

The greatest work of Spanish fantasy fiction. 

Forgotten King Gudú is Ana María Matute's masterpiece and one of the greatest novels of the 20th century. Abounding in fables and fantasy, it narrates the foundation and expansion of the Kingdom of Olar through a plot with a multitude of different characters and adventures. The story is set in a symbolic landscape: the mysterious North, the inhospitable steppes of the East, and the rich, exuberant South, regions which limit the expansion of the Kingdom of Olar, whose destiny is marked by the cunning of a girl from the south, the magic of an old sorcerer and the rules of the game of a creature from the nether regions

Woven out of reality and legend, out of the past and the present, Forgotten King Gudú is also a wonderful metaphor for the human soul and its history, nourished by the desires and preoccupations that reveal the essential nature of human beings.