Semblanzas e impertinencias

Semblanzas e impertinencias

Journalistic Work , 2016


Pages: 468

Ana María Moix, journalist, feminist, rebel, curious, impertinent.

This collection of articles published in the 1970s is a testimony of Spain during its transition to democracy. As Rosalía Cornejo writes, “In addition to showing the fundamental features of the author’s journalistic writing, this collection reveals two important weapons of dissidence that she and other intellectuals brandished in the face of Francoism: humour and culture.”

Thus, a hilarious mock diary recounting the events of Spain’s transition week by week is followed by essays and critiques of writers such as Virginia Woolf, Jean Rhys, Katherine Mansfield, Rosa Chacel, Marguerite Yourcenar, Anaïs Nin, Sylvia Plath and Carson McCullers, not to mention James Dean, Jacques Brel, John Wayne, Elvis and Raymond Chandler.