La casa del azúcar

La casa del azúcar

Novel , 2020

Ediciones B

Pages: 464

An exciting, sensual story of overcoming adversity, in the wake of successful novels by authors such as Kate Morton and Anne Jacobs.

1936: Three days before war breaks out, Manuela tries to hide bundles of a valuable sugar shipment in the cellar. Behind a sealed door that hasn’t been opened in decades, she discovers the old Harley Davidson that belonged to Javier, her first and greatest love.

1907: Manuela, an illiterate 15-year-old girl, goes to work as a servant in the home of the town’s most powerful family. For any girl in her position, this is an honour, a unique opportunity, and the chance to escape much harder work in the fields. Her mother and grandmother have both served in the house, and offer her valuable advice: “See, hear, and keep quiet.” But Manuela can’t disobey her instincts or her heart when she meets Javier, the youngest of three sons and black sheep of the family, who loves freedom and his Harley Davidson.

This first novel by Ángeles Gil is a vibrant story of forbidden loves and family feuds in the early 20th century, at a time when the animosities and alliances that will lead the country into a fratricidal war are just forming.

“Angeles Gil has written a historical novel with a perfect setting, with a storyline that keeps us in suspense until the last page, and with an amazing woman as the main character.” @PetitaLlibreria

“Angeles Gil is the possessor of a special, distinguished writing style and we hope she will soon delight us with another memorable story.” Babelio