El último paraíso

El último paraíso / The Last Paradise

Novel , 2015

Ed. Planeta

Fernando Lara Novel Prize, 2015

In the early 1930s, Jack’s life has been ravaged by the Great Depression. After being fired from a car factory in Detroit for being Jewish, he returns to New York to look after his alcoholic father. He has no work and no money, and his life takes a further turn for the worse when he accidentally becomes involved in a murder. With no other option than to leave a country devoid of opportunities, Jack embarks on an unusual project: the U.S.S.R. needs qualified personnel to work at an automotive factory arising from a cooperation agreement with Henry Ford.

The coexistence of two opposing mentalities, capitalist and communist, is put to the test at the new factory, and the logical clash between these two worlds provides a glimpse into the tensions of the Cold War. Jack finds himself involved in a power struggle that forces him to act as an agent for both sides. Meanwhile, he is also caught between the love of two women, an American and a Russian.

"In this book, winner of the 2015 Fernando Lara Award, the author reveals the 'best and the worst of humanity' in a book that is much more than a historical novel." 20 Minutos