A Outra Margem do Mar
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  • Dutch: Ambo Anthos

A Outra Margem do Mar / The Other Margin of the Sea

Novel , 2019

Dom Quixote

Pages: 368

A Outra Margem do Mar recovers the beginning of the upheaval in Baixa do Cassanje, Angola. The novel thus falls on incidents that occurred before the colonial war, when large cotton plantations were burnt, events that were significant to the unfolding of the conflict.

"The first chapter of A Outra Margem do Mar is the best that has been written in Portugal. The variation in discourses, in nuances and unsaid things is such that reading and rereading leave the reader's brain as if they had just come out of the gym. Surprising, even more so for the musical beauty with which the writing appears.” Jornal do Negócios

“Advisable for strong readers who do not succumb to sentimentality, António Lobo Antunes's prose embeds itself in the soul, if we have one, and never lets go. The incessant remembrance to which the characters surrender embitters, passively despairs. And no gesture, no desire, can rescue us. It is the saddest prose in Portugal. It is in a league of its own.” Publico