Sôbolos Rios Que Vão
Rights sold:
  • English Yale University
  • French Bourgois
  • German Luchterhand
  • Greek Polis
  • Italian Feltrinelli
  • Romanian Humanitas
  • Spanish Random House Mondadori

Sôbolos Rios Que Vão / On the Rivers Go

Novel , 2010

Dom Quixote

Between the last days of March and the beginning of April 2007, after a serious operation, the narrator, amid the pain and confusion caused by anesthesia and medicines, recovers fragments of his life and the people who passed through it: his parents and the grandparents, the village of his childhood, the nature of the mountains, the loves and the dislikes. Like a flowing river, we live with it the humiliations of disease, the nearness of death, and the call of life.