La escala de los mapas

La escala de los mapas / The Scale of Maps

Novel , 1994


Sergio Prim is a staid, middle-aged geographer. The romantic advances of Brezo Varela, a lively young woman who shares his profession, induce a series of terrifying hallucinations from which he attempts to seek refuge by immersing himself in the quest to map a place in which love never results in disillusionment. A lyrical examination of language, imagination, and desire.

"What is astonishing about this novel is the originality of its narrative strategies in harmony with the rhythm of its prose." Carmen Martín Gaite

"A fable of love-laid waste, an almost scientific story of the anguish of existence, a profoundly and deliberately distorted image of perverse reality, its space and time, a tragedy replete with tenderness and humor." ABC Literario