Pequeñas heridas mortales

Pequeñas heridas mortales / Small Mortal Wounds

Non-fiction , 2024


Pages: 128

An essay that dissects the current world in seven luminous reflections navigating the waters of science and ethics, philosophy and literature.

More than a book, this is a conversation in the form of a proposal for friendship, with seven discussions that delve into the contemporary world on subjects such as taking the bull by the horns, the seduction of villainous characters, using one's own imagination to understand others, resentment and fortune, environmental cataclysms, the small heroics of everyday life, the colours that paint our existence, or the meaning of life as a story we write together, sometimes unintentionally.

Small Mortal Wounds unfolds like a torch that illuminates the modern cave and presents us with seven reflections filled with references to science and human behaviour, but always with philosophy and literature as compasses to unveil the meaning of things and life. Gopegui unfolds the mission of knowledge, which, like light, illuminates our shelters, guiding us through a thousand and one maps at various scales of intellectuality, with the undeniable ethical and political commitment that bathes her novels.