Belén López Peiró

Belén López Peiró

Donde no hago pie

Donde no hago pie / Where I Can't Touch Bottom

Novel , 2021


Pages: 198

“Contemporary in its brief and fragmentary style […] this lyrical and dizzying novel revolutionizes non-fiction in its forms and themes.” Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

After a year without any updates, a call from the Prosecutor's Office announces that the sexual abuse complaint has finally gone to trial. That wintry morning marks the beginning of another grueling process for the narrator: finding legal representation, navigating the bureaucratic intricacies of the justice system, building a support network to confront the case against her powerful uncle, a high-ranking police officer, and summoning the courage to reopen a file that leads to the family's past.

Without resorting to rhetoric, Belén López Peiró reexamines the hazy outlines of memories; she experiments with responses to the ordeal of humiliating court appearances and explores the labyrinths of jury trials.

Where I Can't Touch Bottom delves deeper into the literary project of Why You Came Back Every Summer, a pivotal precursor to thousands of anonymous complaints and others with substantial media repercussions. With an overwhelming pace, this chronicle finds the words to transform a crime that was meant to remain concealed into a political call to action.

“A genius, author of a brutal book.” Gabriela Wiener

“This book is a hugely valuable contribution”. Julieta Venegas

“With an aesthetic power that does not exclude tenderness but never softens [...], it turned a very brief book about a small town into a transatlantic work.” El País

“Belén López Peiró's voice emerges strong and unvarnished” The Objective

“I’ve read both of Belén’s books back to back, while holding my breath. They have been such uncomfortable readings […]. And in the end, all that remains after reading is a deep gratitude towards the author of it.” elDiario