Belén López Peiró

Belén López Peiró

Por qué volvías cada verano

Por qué volvías cada verano / Why You Came Back Every Summer

Novel , 2018

Las afueras

Pages: 136

Why You Came Back Every Summer describes the abuse the author was subjected to during her adolescence by a relative who was in the police force, as well as the consequences that this case had for her family and social environment. 

Using harsh, direct language, Belén López Peiró criticises the system, the network of silence that was intended to gag her, and herself. And she does so, not only to denounce those events, but also to condemn the context that made them possible and to reconstitute through writing what the violence of her brutal aggressor destroyed. 

Using a fractured structure that interweaves different voices and judicial texts, the author has created a polyphonic book that is hard to catalogue. A work that draws on the author’s personal experience and literature to become a political act that forces us to look where we would rather not.

“Belén López Peiró recounts sexual abuse in unambiguous terms but with a lot of literature.” Mauro Libertella

“An exquisite work, a powerful political intervention. And very necessary.” Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

“A perfect and precise book that tackles macho violence and makes the picture that supports impunity emotionally palpable.” Gabriela Wiener

“The map of what happens to us, finally in full. Essential reading.” Brigitte Vasallo

“For me the definitive book on sexual abuse, as well as the discovery of an author who I want to read much more of.” Nuria Labari

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